Bring the magic, creativity and excitement of LEGO bricks to your hybrid team building workshops with Bricks At Home! We have worked with clients including Deloitte, Google, Amazon and SnapChat to bring virtual and hybrid activities for corporate teams around the world.

Why use LEGO bricks for hybrid team building sessions?

Virtual events can be hard to get right – sitting at a screen can be very draining in attendees, and that’s where our virtual team building with LEGO bricks come in – they’re a great way to revitalise your team calls!

Virtual team building activities with LEGO bricks

Hybrid LEGO team building workshops on Zoom, Teams and Google Meets

How hybrid team building sessions with LEGO bricks work

Bricks At Home can help plan and deliver your perfect hybrid team event with LEGO bricks, from walking you through the ideal format for your team, to hosting the activities and even shipping LEGO brick to your team members.

With hybrid events, there is a balance we look to achieve during our workshops which balances interaction of those working remotely from home or smaller office hubs to those larger teams working together in board rooms. A careful mix of challenges can ensure your hybrid event is successfully received by colleagues and we can draw on years of experience from virtual corporate events!

Review our list of popular virtual activities with LEGO bricks, or contact us to discuss a bespoke activity for your event.